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The role of the GPA is:

• To continue to offer free information, support and advice, through our Community Centre, offering a drop-in service to a large number of members of the Greek community in need of advice, information and support on issues such as welfare benefits, health, housing etc.

• To have free access at our Community Centre (by appointment) to professional people, for obtaining free advice on legal issues including, marriage / divorce counselling Large number of people do not have the finances to pay for such services.

• To organise and co-ordinate from our Community Centre the running of 10 schools throughout London where the Greek language, culture and religion are taught The schools comprise some 1200 children, representing 100 classes per week, with 100 teachers and many volunteers. The schools run classes that range from nursery right through to A-level standard

• To continue our programme for providing special tuition to children under 5 years of age, and to those children who have special difficulties or who do not speak any Greek at home.

• To run and maintain our Youth Clubs, and to continue to organise our young people in order keep them away from crime, by involving them in group activities, such as traditional dancing classes, music and drama, educational games and sports activities. The majority of our pupils very well attend our youth clubs and the clubs are the basis for the formation of our dance groups, choirs and football teams. These activities are invaluable in fostering a community spirit amongst our children, which helps to build a sense of belonging and inclusion.

• To continue to organise a GPA youth choir, in which about 100 young people
participate and perform at important community functions.
The community centre provides the organisation, management and administration and the focus for all these programs and activities. The centre also provides a number of important community activities, which are in great demand from both parents and children. These activities are organised in response to the needs and aspirations of our community and include

• English language classes on a weekly basis for adults who have relatively poor English and as a result lack the confidence to socialise, seek employment
opportunities and develop their full potential.

• Greek language classes for adults, who are 2nd or 3rd generation and hence did not receive full time education in the Greek language.

• To continue to organise Tea and Coffee evening’s, specifically for mothers groups and senior citizens. These meetings are very popular and provide the opportunity for the opportunity to meet new people and make friends and help to maintain cultural traditions.

•To continue to organise Discos, Tea parties for everyone giving an opportunity to every one to meet with each other and socialise.

• To organise special events for children i.e. "Exhibition of Work done at schools" which takes place in the GPA hall every year.

• To organise discos for the youth, which are very popular to them.

• To organise events to celebrate important festivals, e.g. Christmas Celebrations, Vasilopitta, Eastern Celebrations, Cypriot cultural festivals

• To organise seminars for the teachers to provide updates on curriculum, new
methods, books etc

• To continue take part in London Greek Radio (LGR) Marathon, by organising events at schools and at our centre to raise money for children in need

• To continue to offer traditional dancing on weekly basis for adults

• To continue to offer keep fit classes for mothers


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